Research guidelines

How to carry out research

In the Reading Room the staff in charge of guidance assist and help researchers look through the archival holdings and use the available research tools and indexes.

The Reading Room Guide contains a list of all available holdings kept within the Archive, along with the recording of their chronological details and the extent of the series, indicated by the number of folders, volumes or registers and, if available, the inventory number that describes it. This enables the researcher to:

  • Check that the documents sought are in the archive
  • Identify the archival series to be consulted
  • Single out the research tools (inventories, payment lists, data bases, card catalogues and other) related to the archival series in which each holding is divided.
  • Utilize a research tool then enables the identification of the container (folder, box files or volume) in which the documents are conserved, so as to ask for the consultation of such documents.



Web reference tools

It is now possible to consult the Reading Room Guide online, as well as some inventories and data bases and to draw useful information on the archival heritage of the institute on



Some bibliographical suggestions

National Archives general guide (Guida generale degli archivi di Stato),  Rome, 1981. The work contains historical, institutional and archival information concerning the Archivio centrale dello Stato and Archivi di Stato holdings.

– M. Missori, Governi, alte cariche dello Stato, alti magistrati e prefetti del Regno d’Italia, Rome, 1989. The book lists the Cabinets and the highest offices of the Kingdom of Italy (1861 – 1946)

– M. Missori, Gerarchie e statuti del P.N.F.: Gran Consiglio, Direttorio nazionale, federazioni provinciali: quadri e biografie, Rome, Bonacci, 1986. The book lists hierarchies and statutes of the National Fascist Party

– Bibliografia dell’Archivio centrale dello Stato (1953-1978), eds. S. Carocci, L. Pavone, N. Santarelli, M. Tosti Croce, coord. M. Piccialuti Caprioli, Rome, UCBA, 1986

– Archivio centrale dello Stato, Bibliografia. Le fonti documentarie nelle pubblicazioni dal 1979 al 1985, Rome, UCBA, 1992

At the institute library it is also possible to consult the bulletins, yearbooks, repertoires, and other material useful for research backup.

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