At the Heraldry Service Office it is possible to:

  • Consult the following holdings: Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Heraldic Consultative Council (Consulta araldica) and Heraldry Office, Official collection of laws and decrees and related enclosures.
  • Request photocopied or certified copies of documents from the above mentioned holdings.
  • Access a database, containing images as well as written documents, that collects information gathered from the following archives: Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Heraldry Office, the Heraldic Book of Corporate Bodies (Libro araldico degli enti morali), Township heraldry files; Provincial Heraldry files; Regimental and other bodies’ heraldry files; Royal and Presidential heraldic decrees’ record books


Elena Ginanneschi

Tel. +39 06 54548428


Visiting hours

Monday – Friday, 9am – 1pm.

By appointment only.


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